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All the materials that I use are handmade, from the nourishing roots, leaves, flowers, minerals and oils of Mother Nature.

With the knowledge that everything that we put on our skin effects our body and mind, I had ethically gathered the finest raw natural materials our earth has to offer.

My goals are to bridge the gap between the modern world and the natural world, and to demonstrate that we can prioritise our personal wellbeing and respect for our planet, while remaining chic, savvy and fabulous.

My soaps are completely vegan and we have taken care to include organic and ethically sourced ingredients whenever possible. We produce our handcrafted soaps in small batches and hand cut each individual bar. While we do our best to maintain a consistent product, there may be minor variations in size, shape and color.



Items are made in small batches as they are needed. The concept behind this shop is for the consumer seeking all natural products with the understanding that the items are not intended to sit around and only natural preservatives are used.

Natural preservatives are antimicrobial grapefruit seed extract, antioxidant Vit. E and the concentration of essential oils. What this means is that while these natural preservatives deter the growth of bacteria and molds, they are not broad spectrum and offer a limited shelf life. Being the risk of contamination and loss of potency over time is present in any perishable product, please try to use the item within 3 to 4 months. Products which contain water such as the creams and lotions are the most at risk for contamination. The salves, containing no water, are very stable as is and are fine for months. Keep any of the products in a cool location, out of exposure to heat and sunlight, and be sure to have clean hands before using. Refrigeration will extend the shelf life of perishable items.

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